Tuesday, October 4, 2016

MovieFaction Podcast - 12 Rounds


Welcome to Wrestle May-nia on the MovieFaction Podcast! An entire month dedicated to movies featuring wrestlers, about wrestling or having wrestling as a theme. The first movie this month is the beginning of what to this point is a trilogy, Starring the invisible one himself!

He is a former world champ! He is a former Marine, maybe if you count the movies. And his name is...John Cena! Yes, I still like John Cena Memes.

John Cena makes his not debut in the 2009 movie 12 Rounds. He plays a Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3, except he is trying to rescue his girlfriend instead of avoiding his ex-wife. He even has a black sidekick, for a minute. Long story short wrestlers are the perfect action movie stars and this movie proves it!

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