Monday, January 19, 2015

Look at My Boobs!

Ok let's waste some time.

I just perused an article about some people trying to normalize the exposure of bare female breasts and I have to say I agree on the simple point woman would be fully able to expose their bare breasts in public if I have that same right as a man. That said I will go directly against the idea they state by saying that if you expose your bare breasts in my vicinity I will undoubtedly look at them, no I will stare without pause or hesitation. I will not apologize for this fact either. I like boobs. I dig them nearly as much as I dig a nice set of legs or a nice buttock.

If asked to stop staring at a pair of breast of course I will stop because I'd hate to make you feel uncomfortable but the same goes for men as it does with women. If you are a big fat guy with big boobs you are damn right I'm gonna stare at you. Physically fit men as well I will admire your glistening pecks because I can and you felt the need to expose them. I accept this as a fact that will happen if I remove my shirt as well and as a show of good faith here is my exposed chest.

But then of course they pulled out a stupid picture with an even dumber list as to how normalizing the exposure of bare female breasts will help make the world a better place. So I'm going to knock (ers) that out really quick.

1. Sure it will help to normalize breasts and that is great! I agree.

2. WRONG! Titties will always be a part of sex as they are a very high erogenous zone. Ask any girl I've ever had sex with and once they stop laughing they will be more than happy to tell you how much I loved grabbing their boobs even when we weren't having sex. Breasts will always be sexualized and honestly I'll never want that to change. Breasts big or small are incredible sexy!

3. Wrong. If you want to make women's body's less "hyper-sexualized" stop trying to be attractive. Stop wearing or creating products to increase someone's outer beauty. Both genders are sexualized even if you don't want to admit it, maybe not equally, but they still are. If wearing makeup or a wonder bra makes you feel sexy then by all means wear them but if you insist on accentuating an area of your body be ready to have that part looked at by all genders.

4. I personally don't understand this. Breasts or not a sexual object isn't a person it's a flesh light. People are people, the end.

5. Everyone gets the same amount of respect from me until they fuck that up and I lose that basic respect. That said I don't have to respect anyone. If you walk up to me an demand respect I will reply with "Go fuck yourself." your gender doesn't mean you deserve respect it's your actions that prove whether I show you respect or not.

6. WRONG! Women are scientifically and in the broadest general sense the weaker of the sexes. That said of course women can be a strong and I know a few who could beat the shit out of me. However if I were to commit a crime such has robbery I understand that in a general sense I'd have a higher probability of success by robbing a woman and knowing if I had to fight her off I probably could, not to mention the general easiness of robbing a woman by just taking the storage unit (purse) she carries on her should instead of a guy who generally just carries a wallet on his person.

7. Breast feeding should be allowed in public, I won't argue that it just makes sense.

10. Ok, sure. I'm still gonna look. I like breasts.

12 & 13. Ok these are pretty meaningless. These were times when sex was a very behind closed doors thing.

14. Go fuck yourself. That isn't a reason. Yes men can show their bare chests and the fact that there are still states that say women can't sucks but "Man-boobs" isn't a reason. (I guess you can argue that this is trying to say that if men can do it woman should be able to but if that is the point then they already made it in 11. which I personally agree with. women should be able to whip 'em out if they feel like it. But if that is their argument then we need to drop the list down to 14)

15. Go fuck yourself again; tan lines can be sexy as Hell!

God I hate these lists.

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