Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Weird (Al) Years

When I was a younger not even a man yet, not yet a woman. I loved Weird Al Yankovic, past tense. Then I fell off the bandwagon so to speak, if he ever had a bandwagon. I feel like that is the way it went with a lot of people they just got older and stopped listening because they got older. But your age shouldn’t restrict you from enjoying something just because someone thinks it should. Then I stopped and listened to some of his older work that I grew up with and remembered the good times. My very first Weird Al song oddly enough was “The Saga Begins” and I fell in love. After listening to his album “Running with Scissors” again I started looking for his newer music, it was around the time he just released “Straight Outta Lynwood” so new songs were a plenty and damn it all if I didn’t hear some great stuff. After all at the time I was more familiar with popular music. But just becoming a fan of his music didn’t mean I found a new respect for the man, after all he was just parodying a music by people I didn’t like, why should I respect him? He isn’t an artist, he’s a satirist. I was wrong and stupid. I’m tried to write parody lyrics and guess what it’s hard especially if you have literally no musical talent, and I used to play piano, the sitting accordion.

Then I saw something…

I was a stupid little shit as a kid and this just proved it to me. I figured he just did what regular smucks do and garage band the song to remove lyrics and then just silly little lyrics over it. So it’s nice to know how dumb I was and really just now how hard this man really works to make the “silly little songs” we all enjoy. So if you think you are too old for a good old fashioned parody song by the master of the art Mr. Weird Al Yankovic please take a moment to listen to some of his music, new or old, and just let your age mean nothing like it should and enjoy one of his masterpieces.

And be sure to give his new album a look-see.


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