Friday, March 28, 2014

My thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

So the trailer for the new TMNT movie has been released and needless to say I’ve seen mixed reactions. I know some people who have said “Wow, here I am defending the hell out of the new TMNT movie. I honestly never thought I would but after seeing the trailer and keeping up with it since it was first announced a good time back, I want to see it.”

And I’ve also seen people saying how much they don’t like the looks of the upcoming “Bay-Make”. “If you want to give your children nightmares, show them the new Turtles trailer. Terrifying”

Personally I have mixed feelings on what I’ve seen. It looks nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be, despite showing Megan Fox in the trailer doing that wide eyed mouth agape look she is known for like she doesn’t have any clue what she is doing there. But thankfully she isn’t talking. More to the point I am worried about this movie.

I had made the choice to not care about or even see this upcoming movie when it was first announced. I said I’m done Bay has made me angry for the last time with Transformers 3 and I am done seeing his movies. Then he announced that he had acquired the rights to TMNT and I got scared and angry because I knew he would ruin it. Some people said “Hey man, let’s see what happens. Remember the first Transformers? Maybe it’ll be okay.” Then he announced that the turtles would be aliens. And everyone, Everyone (!), freaked out! A big hubbub was made and Bay put the turtles on the shelf, then he announced he was working on it again and that the turtles would be turtles again and then he announced filmed was beginning.

It was announced that Megan Fox had been cast as April O’Neal and yet again the world went “FUCK!” again. Then we heard nothing for a while. People whispered about who should be cast, rumor sprung up that turtles of the past should be playing these new turtles then it happened. The first looks at the new turtles.

The reactions as usual were mixed. Personally while all my friends said “I like them!” and “They look much better than I thought they would.” and even “They look so cool!”. I sat on the sidelines thinking, they seem a bit bulky to be ninjas and the feudal look is a bit much for me. Personally I didn’t hate them however I didn’t care for it. But I pulled myself off the bench and got back in line for the film, so it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Since then we have seen the trailer and I have to say of the 4 turtles we have heard 2 of them. Leonardo and Michelangelo are the only ones who speak in the trailer, as far as I am aware, however the voices of all of the turtles have been listed on Wikipedia, along with who will be playing Shredder and Splinter. The voices seem odd to me to hear these less than imposing voices coming from these very imposing turtles. The closest to fitting is Mikey but that is also debatable. I can only say you have to judge for yourself…

But I have to outright say. My biggest problem past the look of the turtles has to be the casting for Shredder and Splinter. How can that possible be my biggest problem with this upcoming (Possible) Childhood Dream Destroyer, with images of the actors doing motion capture like this.

Well to put it bluntly Shredder is a skinny old man from Drive Angry and Splinter is the dwarf I confuse for the dwarf from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I cannot honestly put it any more plainly than that. I am by no means complaining for the casting of a dwarf as splinter, a white guy maybe, but not because he is a dwarf. I assume Splinter will be CG like the turtles but it could be that he is a puppet or even and actor in a suit, however unlikely that may be. My biggest problem is his voice, I have no idea how well I’ll be able to ignore the fact that the man who is splinter tried to kill Rorschach in Watchmen. Or that the Shredder is the 
 accountant from Drive Angry.

So I guess I just have to wait and see how this all goes and honestly I’m a little excited to see where this goes I am just afraid that this movie might kill the hype of the turtles again. Ever since the first cartoon the turtles have been around in some capacity and I love that! They haven’t been as big as they are though since the reboot in 2012. I walk through the toy departments and I see an entire aisle of TMNT toys, you pull one off the shelf and you can see no less than 25 other toys each a different character. And I am brought back to being a child and loving every second of TMNT Hype! I just fear that this movie could be so bad that it kills my joy and all the younger generations who are just getting into my childhood heroes.

I'm worried.

Yet Excited.

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