Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Am Cracked.Com

So there exist quite a few internet based video producers and quite a few of them are groups of people. There are some people who like CollegeHumor, some who like Smosh, but myself I’m a Cracked kind of guy. I understand my position may make me a rebel. Yes it’s true I color outside the lines, I use pretzel rods as cigars and I like Cracked, even when it was just a magazine, I’m a rebel without a cause but I’m thinking cancer research would be a good one.

Personally Cracked is my favorite group of people who make entertaining content. They might not be as big as CollegeHumor or as successful as Smosh but I feel like they really push out premium content on a regular basis where as the other have more of a hit and miss record with me, personally.

CollegeHumor has a way around sketches that put most groups to shame but at the same time they never really hit you with any introspection. It’s always just, hey let’s make a sketch that takes something that was once not serious then make it super serious: Minesweeper, Street Fighter, Dora the Explorer. Or a list of the people you know using archetypes. By no means am I trying to insult them I mean Every so often CH makes a really good sketch or hits a satirical point in social media with pin point accuracy.

Smosh is really just random humor and music video. I understand people like that and I won’t denigrate them for the things they have done, they do certainly put work into them it just seems far too similar to each other. It’s just set up, then random thing, end of video.

Cracked however, I feel like they are constantly setting out interesting video and articles that deal with a little bit of everything. They have videos and books dealing with just about every possible thing. Want an in depth pop culture analysis on musicals? Cracked has a video about it. Want to know about all the cool things in history that you don’t know about because it seemed less than important in an educational spectrum? Cracked has a book about all the cool and interesting things in life that seemed less than necessary to know for school. Think all those movies based off of historical figures or events are so cool and you feel like these people were heroes of the highest caliber? Well guess what. Cracked wants you to know all those people were huge dicks!

I like Cracked. They are interesting. They push the boundaries and really entertain me. Now I’ll leave you with my favorite sketch they have ever made.

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