Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Injustice: People are Sheep

It gets lost to people that I like comics because of how much I talk about films. But in truth I really do love comics. Personally I'm a bigger Marvel fan than I am DC but that is because of the media I grew up around. For every Batman series there were 3 Marvel not to mention Spider-Man was one of the strongest influences on me as a kid in the realm of Superheros. Since then I do my best to not discriminate between the two or leave out the other publishers either.

But I've been following this new game "Injustice: Gods Among Us" and I have to admit I really like the look of the game. NetherRealm Studios is handling a DC fighting, I love that Idea! My friend and I always have a great time playing fighting games especially "Mortal Kombat vs. DC So I am really looking forward to the game but then they announced a tournament pitting the games characters against each other as a way to show off the game and build hype, what's not to love? Batman vs. Superman and the winner of each fight is voted on by the audience.

I hate this argument, I really do. It's the equivalent of "Goku Vs. Superman" except in the DC universe. It is an obvious battle we have seen in multiple depictions with varying outcomes and I'm just tired of it. I understand wanting to pit the 2 bigs of the DC universe against each other because there can be only one but haven't we done this enough? Don't we want to see some other fights? In their bracket system they had some pretty interesting fights set up but left out some of the characters.

The very first fight was Batman vs Bane. A relatively enjoyable pitting but with an obvious conclusion. The following fight was Wonder Woman vs Harley Quinn, and that struck me as a pretty interesting fight. Yet again pretty obvious conclusion but none the less interesting. And I knew how the fights would go from here with pretty obvious winners with a few exception but some of these groups struck me as really intriguing! Green Arrow vs Hawk Girl, The Joker vs Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy vs Green Lantern! I love that! Characters fighting each other that I had never thought of fighting.

A question I had heard posed before "Why are all the archenemies of heroes just the evil version of the hero? Why doesn't Sinestro go to Metropolis and fight Superman?" which was their set up! Sinestro fought Superman right out of the gate! I love that! But why not not have Superman fight Batman to begin with get it out of the way? We know why, it's to keep people interested. But we didn't have to take it! We could have made the decision to end that bullshit right there but we didn't. As usual we took the bait. Batman will fight Superman and in the end one side will say it is wrong and the other will tell them they are butthurt, I point you back to "ScrewAttack's Death Battle". We could have had interesting fights but we have been herded into the very obvious formula we always fall into.

Batman could have fought Green arrow. Superman could have fought Wonder Woman. But as it stands now Batman will win his side and Superman will win his side and then people will complain. It was all in our hands, I voted for interesting fights and the outcome wasn't in my favor. I'm still stoked about this game but I'm also disappointed in the fandom again. We had the chance for something new.

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