Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cooking with Zombi and More!

So recently I've been trying to do things and honestly it's a little hard to really get anything done when 75% of my time is spent coughing, I'm a bit sick now. So it's been hard to get any work done. But I'm getting better and I've been working on a few different things. So let's start with the big one, a new Cooking with Zombi!

I finally got to make some delicious chicken! I didn't have all the spices I needed but it came out so fuckin good! So you should try making it yourself, you won't be disappointed. Next I made a short video then had a great conversation with friends where we just did Han Hill impressions. So I present Hank Hillside.

While I've been house sitting I got to make a new vlog about the space I am currently in. So here is a small vlog where I take my shirt off, you have been warned.

Past that I've been working on a few projects on the side and reading porn! It's really hard not to love porn as we all know but one of my favorite kinds is hentai, because it is a better story than regular porn. But I've discovered some porn bothers me and I'm not talking about the illegal kind, but just in a story sense. I read a story that was really depressing because people where in love but sad things happened. So I've been reading other ones like Karen Chameleon.

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