Friday, December 7, 2012

Long Story Short(at the end)

Hey the point of this post is at the very bottom if you don't feel like reading it all.

Hey I'm 23! Well that happened. It was my birthday recently and I had a good time. I rented Far Cry 3, a few movies, I got a job and some other stuff. But this isn't about me.

So recently I made a video out of a gif I found on DeviantArt and a song I heard on YouTube. And from that I've got a few nice comments and a bunch of shit. The shit is kind of stupid but understandable occasionally. So I "made" this video.

And from there I've got a whole lot of "This is stupid!", "You are stupid!", "You are so gay!" and a few other comments. I've never really made it a secret that I'm a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a brony if you will. And from that I've got a whole lot of questions most being stupid and rhetorical. Such as...

"You know tired of tired of bronys making a mlp version of EVERYTHING. Its not just music anymore memes,pictures,videos, anything. I understand you like the show but do you have put the show EVERYWHERE?" -MrPodaky

To which I replied.
It's not the show. I was listening to this song while browsing deviant and I saw this thumb nail going with the music. So I thought that's funny. so I made a small video. It's really as simple as that. Also people will make every kind of version of whatever they like it is just the way art and life work. Just chill man.

He responded with.
Its not something i can just be chill about anymore i really didn't care about bronys because there just people who like a show that's it. Unfortunately i was wrong. Its like you guys think of nothing but ponys because for some reason you think its ok to make a bunch of videos pictures etc etc and post them everywhere! People complained about cod fans flooding youtube with videos do you honestly think you guys are going to be unscathed? No your not.

I retorted with.
Do you not see that is one of the many uses for the internet? It's a place where a group of fans can get together and enjoy their similar interests and the brony community is no more active than any other community. The only reason this video is around is because I thought it was a little funny how a song about something not meant for kids syncs well with an MLP gif. And we understand criticism even unfounded ones but it's just people appreciating a show the way they can.

At this point our conversation was joined by WetardsReloaded. He joined by saying.
t's really not any different from any fanbase. Every meme is used within every fanbase, and there's many "(thing)music/remix/etc video" for those fanbases too. However, the MLP fanbase is actually quite large, and consists of many people who actually have some form of music/video mixing talent. Therefore, there's also a SHIT-TON of MLP related renditions of common videos or songs. Then of course there's random bullshit like this video. Which is ok too, I guess, even if it's not super special.

I replied with my position again that this video was made for no real purpose other than a laugh and that it added nothing really to the brony community. Mr. Reloaded agreed and he was on his way. However MrPodaky was not finished.
That is not true. go on know your memes. Look at almost any meme you will notice that in the picture section that most fanbases are left out of most of those memes,But in almost every single meme there is a pony version of it somewhere dont believe this video is exhibit A. Look up an alt version of this with another character from anywhere singing/bopping there head to this song. There might be some in the future but notice mlp fan was one of the first to do it.

Then a new challenge approached. Tomtortoise He had this to say.
Its the internet, it will happen. Every meme will be turned into everything.

Short sweet and to the point. But then MrPodaky startle to escalate in his lack of grammar and assuming it is part of pyschology he stated losing his patience. but that is purely conjecture.
Go on know your memes and look at almost any meme look in the picture section and see the difference in tf2 pics and and mlp pics. Notice that there's a pony version of ALMOST EVERY MEME. I know you can just lie and make it up and say OH TF2 HAS MORE MLP PICS ON THIS SITE but really you'd be lieing to yourself. You guys are becoming one of the most hated fanbases not because you watch a little girls show but because your circle jerking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

I replied.
You do realize that TF2 has also taken MLP stuff and made it their own. Not to mention creating fan art making their own meme and with SFM now they can create anything they want with it. We are just like any fan base your just going crazy because we enjoy it enough that we create content for it in mass quantity and we do take criticism well on the whole. It's called parody, it's all in fun and that is the point. This is all about fun. If you're not having any then just ignore it. You can do that

Then MrPodaky lost his cool and his points.
No your not similar to other fan bases because your not. Team fortress 2 has a very active fanbase. Some tf2 fans will make a vid reflecting a song,video,etc like the tf2 rythm heaven. Mlp fanbase made that, two best friends, star trek, mad world, AVGN, toy story, etc etc etc. If tf2 fanbase realizes that not everything has to be transformed into there videogame why don't you bronys realize that not everything has to be about there show? Also you guys cant take criticism for shit.

And that was the end of our conversation. He hasn't replied to anything yet. So Who knows maybe he gave up. I don't know nor to I mind. There is a lot out there and there are a lot of fanbases out there who enjoy creating content for their fellow fans. All I can really say is don't let people tell you that you need to stop making things you like making. I didn't set out to make something amazing or even to upset people. I made a small video because I laughed when I saw it. I ask that you don't hate others just because of their taste. We all like different things, that can't be helped nor is it a bad thing! Diversity is a wonderful thing. If you don't like MLP that is your business. But please don't hate it because people like it.

To sum it all up...

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