Saturday, December 1, 2012

Far Cry 3 And it's Experience

So I decided to start a sub-reddit for my blog. That means literally nothing to most people but now I can post my stuff more places because let's face it I'm a bit conceded.

So past that I'm super broke, which isn't anything new but is really annoying. So I'm totally looking for a job so I can buy things like Far Cry 3. Why Far Cry 3? Just 1 word, Vaas. He seems like such and enjoyable antagonist. I say antagonist because I don't want to call him a bad guy since he doesn't seem like a bad guy, to me. Except for the fact that he takes your friends hostage and tortures and murders them for seemingly not reason other than he enjoys it.

I'm seriously just devouring everything I find about this game. Vaas is just too good of a character to not. I mean look at him!

He just looks awesome, he sounds awesome, he acts awesome. He is just from what I've seen a great "villain". He's got character and potential. He doesn't seem to be even like some gigantic dictator or anything. He is just a crazy. I'm assuming pirate, who keeps referring to the island you are on as his. He's either the boss of these mercenaries or just the most charismatic one of the group.

On top of all of that he is also played by a fantastically fun actor named Michael Mando who seems like he was also the inspiration for the characters look. But I can't prove that. He did however preform the motion capture for him. Maybe that does prove it but I don't know jack about Game design. Either way I can't get enough of this guy and really there seems to be a lot of media out there featuring him.

Like The Far Cry Experience. Starring Michael Mando and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. You know him. So Why am I talking about Vaas and Far Cry 3 so much? Because I want to play this game! I need a job! I need money. I need to see more Vaas! Oh also, ads!

Oh, I can't forget that  right now 12/01/2012 to 12/07/12 there is a vote happening to see is McLovin dies by Vaas' hands. And until that we get to watch him get tortured daily! Here! It's a whole lot of fun watching him hurt McLovin. And it's also fun waiting to see if he will die.

So be sure to check out the facebook page and vote in the poll to either kill or save Chris. I've done my part, now go out there and reek some havoc.

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