Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rofl & Zombi Let's Play Halo 4?

I watch a lot of Let's Plays. I mean what else will I do with all my time and not money? So I love to watch game play with enticing commentary by interesting American citizens! And the occasional [url=http://The Electrical Beast A.K.A. The Giant of Let's Play]British person[/url].

So with that I took it upon myself to try a Let's Play for myself. But not just myself I brought my friend RoflOps! And we had a great time playing Halo 4. And honestly I think we made one of the best Let's plays I've ever been a part of. And I have been in at least 2 Let's Plays counting this one. So without further ado I present Rofl & Zombi: Let's Play Halo 4

So please like and favorite this bad boy and share it will all your compadres! And be sure to check out RoflOps stuff at his DeviantArt and YouTube.

Also Post 100!

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