Saturday, November 3, 2012

Resident Film Review

I've tried multiple times but I can't bring myself to actually finish a movie. I've had this problem with a few movies before but it is usually from something else. When I first saw "Super Troopers" It took me years to really finish it because of my poor taste in timing every time I watched it, but this movie is just so boring!

Silent Horror is the worst of all the X-Strike Studios films. It's understandable that an indie studio probably won't be the best at their craft but from some of the things I had heard and even seen from them I was expecting something at least watchable! But sadly this movie is not only boring but seriously annoying as well. I can sum up the biggest flaw of this film in 2 simple words. Sara Reis. It's an understandable prospect that you want to cast your friends in a movie. I've wanted to do that since I rediscovered my love of film but when you do you really need to make sure that they can act or at least aren't the most wooden/annoying actor since "Birdemic: Shock and Terror", even if this movie came out before then. From what I've seen none of the characters are memorable, none of the "jokes" are funny and in general this movie just bothers me by not letting me finish it!

I was recommended this movie by Dena of "The Game Den" on in one of her reviews and I have seen multiple X-Strike Studio productions and they vary from really good to this abysmal. I have to say that some of their films specifically "Resident Horror" while not really inspired naming that film is in my opinion is beyond fun. Full of referential game humor as well as some really fun characters I can't really express how good that film is in comparison!

So wait what twas I saying? Oh Silent Horror sucks, watch Resident Horror instead.

Ok this one on the left, don't even click it!
This one on the right, that is the good one!

Also a fun bit of news there is a sequel to Birdemic coming out soon.

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