Friday, November 2, 2012 Update!

I've come up with what I believe to be 2 amazing Ideas that would make great or at least really enjoyable movies! I can't quite tell them full but one is a monster movie action flick and the other is a documentary about conspiracies and science!

The first one I have a basic idea of and the second I have basically all of it planned out. I need to work on the scripts as well as workshop the ideas just a little bit more just to be safe. In my head they are the coolest ideas! But working them out and then actually doing them seems pretty tough but at the same time I could work one into a comic form then try to go to movie.

Past that i have finally gotten a domain for the blog as you can see, i originally wanted "BabiesOnFire" but blogger has claimed that domain is taken and will not let me get it. So I had to dash it but at the same time i think it worked out nicely. I like that it feels like there is emphasis on each word to me. So I am happy to finally have a domain and especially one so fun! I think it's make my mom proud but I won't tell her about it!

On The PutzCast front we have applied to join Project Million Entertainment. Because we can and God it would just be nice to feel loved! But seriously I'm hoping we get picked up! And we are now doing an audition sketch. So wish us luck! Hopefully it will work out but if it doesn't then we at least get some experience out of it. So at the moment I'm holding off on vlogs till we get this video done.

I needed to take a moment and really think about vlogs before doing them. So they can be a little more than just, "What did I want to talk about?" Till then just enjoy this gif!

Also remember practice safe sex, wear a condom! ;)

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