Monday, November 5, 2012

Babies On Fire Vlog (11/4/2012)

So recently for I applied our podcast to join Project Million Entertainment. Since then we have talked to Robert Million and he offered us a chance to audition to join them, since then we have turned down that offer. For reasons you don't need to know. Robert is a nice guy but or goals are on opposite sides of the entertainment spectrum so we bowed out but from that experience we have started to work on some live action videos as opposed to our at this point mostly audio only videos.

I've always wanted to really branch out into videos, as you can see from past attempts and the vlogs I post here. I love video and producing videos is really just a lot of fun for me. If you wanna see some stuff I've done please check out my YouTube.

So I recently made a vlog talking about that so I figured I'd throw that out here as well!

So if you want please feel free to check those out and subscribe if you like.

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