Thursday, October 25, 2012

Site Updates (10/25/2012)

So I'm going to updating the blog a bit soon. I'm working on getting a domain for it because why not? Sadly i haven't been updating the blog much since I've been busy with a job and other projects but hey good bad news! I'm unemployed again! So I'm back to at the moment spending my time working purely through the internet, and still not getting a paycheck!

But hey back to that update thing. I'm going to updating the site including a new banner with the new domain I'm going to buy as soon as I can. Hopefully a new layout that will make this bad boy look more pro. Working on getting those new ads up and running. I'm gonna try to make more personal videos as well as update with weekly vlogs as well as blog posts, I'll try for at least 3 a week for vlogs. Blog posts will be a little more frequent. I'll try basic movie reviews, not Nostalgia Critic style more Siskel and Ebert quick stuff.

I'll also be posting a few links to The PutzCast when we do some awesome stuff there as well as VA on the Mic stuff now that I can work on those more. so if there is either an artist or a musician reading this contact me through the comments, cause I'm looking for some work to be done.

So till then I'm still looking for work, I'm in a weight loss competition and working on so much cool stuff! So I'll leave you with a vlog I did the other day about trying out new lighting for the vlogs as well as my thoughts on the "Gears of War" games, since I just played them for the first time today.


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