Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maybe I'm just a n00b: Mortal Kombat

Nappa insists I'm wrong but I have to ask.

Do you like video games that are fun?

I know I do. It's the main reason I play video games. To have fun hear a story and interact with characters or people on a social level I'm not too happy with. It's an antisocial persons chance to be or at least act normal. Video games are truly an art form and I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees with games like Red Dead Redemption, Journey and Forza 4. But even with lesser graphics just about anyone can enjoy games like Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy 6 and Battlefield 3. But sometimes a game is really fun until you come up on a singular boss. And that boss is just a cheap fighter than destroys you and makes you take cheap shots on him to win. Bosses like Bear Walken from Gungrave, Shadow Link and Shao Kahn!

And this is all about the last one! Shao Kahn! I recently bought Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360 and I was having a great time playing the story mode. Getting to play as most of the characters and I have to say it was great even when I was losing. Because when I lost a fight I knew I was just sucking to hard. Even when playing as Kitana, in my opinion the worst character in the game. I was still having a great time! Then I came across Shao Kahn for the first time in the game. And I tried to fight him only to be met with cheap tactics that just make the fight seem broken. I try to punch Shao Kahn in the face only to have my hit to absolutely nothing to him. When you hit a character it should affect him. It affected Goro, and he is a gigantic motherfucker! But not Chao Kahn, he just brushes it off and hits you in the face with his hammer. That fucking hammer! I'm certain everyone noticed that Kahn had at least 4 attacks with that damn hammer. And not only is hammer exceedingly powerful but it can hit you wherever you are. Why is the only really effective method of killing Shao Kahn to blast him with fire balls from across the screen? I am completely serious when I say that I have never, ever seen anyone beat Shao Kahn in the story mode with Liu Kang without just spamming the fireballs. I mean ya I smashed Shao Kahn’s head open with Raiden, without spamming, but seriously why can he beat everyone with his cheap ass moves?

I know I'm just bitching about a segment that I'm certain some people are totally cool with but it just irks me. I was having a great time playing and getting better at the game. Learning moves and combos and having a great time actually playing the game. But then Kahn comes up and destroys me constantly! Why can't you just up the difficulty but make him an actually character? Goro was tough the first time I fought him but I learned how to fight him, keep him off his feet and your set. Juggle as much as possible, sweep kick, jump kicks, combos. But Kahn just stops you dead in your tracks and breaks his foot off in your ass only to get another one to shove up your ass. I really like this game I do. It's great fun even when I lose but it's just so annoying to see a cheap tactic used to make it harder. As opposed to an actual learning curve.

If you want to call me a noob or something I understand but still it's really annoying to see that crap being pulled. I want a game that's hard but fair.

So hey if you ever want to play and beat the crap out of me in a game I'm always willing to play when I have the time!

So I hope you get where I'm coming from at least.

Gamertag: Zombifaction
Xbox 360

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