Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts on SOPA

Wow! It really hits you that if something like SOPA were to pass all the things we would lose. For the longest time all I ever did when I got some kind of message saying the internet was in danger of being censored was just sit and say there was no way it could happen. Well even if we are even closer to killing SOPA and the very notion of censorship on the greatest thing humanity has ever created the threat is always there.

And I mean it when I say it’s the greatest thing we have ever done. I mean I could talk to someone on the other side of the world for free! And have it be translated! We can share video from every minute of every day for the rest of our lives for free! We can say whatever we want! People who thought they were alone in their love of ponies have learned that there are others like them everywhere! Without the internet we wouldn’t know half the things we do. The ability to share information is the greatest thing we have ever done! Half the people who are either famous or working in media wouldn’t have the careers they have without the internet. Of course there are those cases that we wish never happened like Chris Crocker, Perez Hilton, and everyone who has ever made a sex tape.

But today I found something that I had never even imagined and it hit me how important the internet truly is to me. I found a Japanese man yodeling.Believe It!

Never in my wildest dreams had that thought ever even crossed my mind. Yes it’s not a pure product of the internet but without it I never would have know about this and my life would be darker without it.

The internet gives me the chance to express my view points about anything I want and of course let’s me try my hand in content creation.

In the simplest terms this is my home and I refuse to let someone destroy it.

Yes this message was created specifically so I could share the yodeling. I love yodeling and this was great!

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