Monday, September 26, 2011

Wii Play Just Dance 2

Well for the past few weeks I've been putting out a few video of myself and a few friends dancing to Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2. We were at a party and I brought it with so we could play since they had never played before. Well I asked and we started taping it. It was great fun so we wanted to share it!

So here it is in its entirety except for a few things, so not in its entirety. But all I'm allowed to show you!

Well sadly that is all the Just Dance Videos I've got, so far. For video from my compatriots.

RoflOps & Rob

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  1. The original Just Dance was the first dance video game to feature "real moves" to popular music. Before it, dance games were basically exercises in timing--stomping your feet on a mat or moving your hands to match an on-screen pattern. But with Just Dance, you weren't just playing a video game: you were learning real dance moves that you could take anywhere. And as you played the game over and over, you got a great workout without even knowing it. The game was a smash success, selling over 4 million copies worldwide. The game wasn't without its faults though, the biggest of which was the accuracy of the motion control. Even if you did the moves perfectly, sometimes the system wouldn't register them.