Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grimm Thoughts about Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is a game after my own heart! Seriously the game is trying to kill me!

But ever since I was a kid I liked this series, and that is really all because of bad parenting, seriously a 9 year old playing Twisted Metal 2? That would fuck you up! But seriously Twisted Metal won me over as a kid for the twisted view of the world and outrageously intriguing characters. Mr. Grimm being my absolute favorite but since Twisted Metal Black I've had a serious problem with the series. In my opinion and that is all this is I really would have preferred them to keep the less than serious feel of the games where the Grim Reaper drives a motorcycle, a flaming headed clown demon drives an ice cream truck and a man is trapped between 2 wheels that would put any monster truck to shame.

So to go a little further in my thoughts let's cut to me in a car!

I guess you could say I'm being a little childish wanting this game to be like the old ones and hey this could be the best Twisted Metal to date, but I'm still just a little disappointed that Mr. Grimm has to (Still Opinion) suffer for it.

I wish for Pizza!

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