Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Go Postal 2 (Thursday)

Rendering the shortest video is taking my computer longer and longer and really it's kind of annoying to wait 2 hours for a 10 minutes video. But sadly my job won't call me so I can't either buy a back up hard drive to clear things out or see if there is a way I can actually fix it. And really ff I don't get some cash soon I'm going to go Postal 2!

So in honor of Thor's day, let's smite people.

Get Napalm
Get Krotchy
Get Steaks
Pay Ticket

Fun Fact other than Thor's Day is actually the original of the name of Thursday. I actually messed up on editing and forgot the opening to Thursday. It wasn't anything special but it threw off the time frame and sadly it wasn't there. Friday's will be there but I'm an idiot and I'm sorry! So please enjoy Thursday!

Friday comes next week!

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