Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thinking About Pressing Start 2 Continue

With me getting a job more recently it means a few perks and a few...anti-perks?

1. Something to do with my time
2. Cash to buy things I want/need
3. Can afford a girlfriend

To name a few perks but then those anti-perks show up, I really wish I could remember the word that I want to use.

1. Less time to do nothing.
2. Tired and sore constantly
3. All that free time I had for a social life before is now used to rest after work.
4. They have me working one day a week!

Ok that last one throws something’s out wack, I do still have the free time but the cash is not just flowing in. But when I did get paid the first time last week, I thought I'll take my grandpa to lunch and start a bank account and put the rest in the bank. But I opened my first check to see 36 dollars. They paid me for my very first day where we finished the work too fast. I got caught between pay periods. But I will say I spent my check on something I really wanted and I have to say it was a great purchase. I bought...

The sequel to the outrageously hilarious "Press Start: The Movie" from “DarkMaze Studios”.

For my full thoughts on it I direct you here to this video!

But with my next payday set for Friday next week I will buy a few things I want. I will buy my grandpa lunch, start a bank account and external hard drive for my computer would be great and if I have the money, my own "Minecraft" name things.

Then I'll do my best to make more videos!

My review is on the way but my artist went through a bit of a scare and I wouldn't dare ask her to work on anything till she is ready to, so that’s what is going on there!

Till next time have a nice day. Because tomorrow might now come!

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