Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm (not) a Creeper!

I really don’t try to look or act like a creeper, but I am constantly getting into situations that make me look like it. The only girls who want to date me are young girls which is a terrible idea unless you want people to think you’re a pedophile. A small side note I don’t want to be seen as one.

Even at my first convention I was dressed as “Master Roshi” of “Dragon Ball” and really that was my fault. But I was asked to take pictures that made me look like a creeper and even High 5’d the “Pedobear”. Good side note the only actually “mature” picture was me groping a hot black chick. Best part of the con, even better than the…Sailor Moon Hentai panel…Damn it, that probably doesn’t help my case.

I really did go to see what it was about because the pamphlet said “Sailor Moon Hentai” and I thought there is no way they will just show porn, but I had never been to a con so who was I to consider it. It was about the impact of Sailor Moon on Hentai, it was very informative and educational, except I had to sit next to “Bla-tachi” (Black “Itachi”, I think I can’t tell “Narutards” apart) who wouldn’t shut up and kept making loud and interrupting jokes about me being Roshi at a hentai panel.

But back to the point. Now “Facebook” is trying to make me look like a creeper to. See…

I really don’t try to come off like this but sadly I think I’m stuck with it. I need a girlfriend to get this image at least a little away from me.

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