Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Would You Be A "Good" Dalek?

I've never really seen Dr. Who, I'm sad to say I've seen 1 full episode of the 9th doctors run. And even that had nothing to do with the Dalek race. I've become more and more interested with this series because of people like Welshy and Phelous talking about the series and characters. And from that I watched more people talk about it, but not the episode oddly enough. And from this I see the Dalek race. And I think wow these are really strange characters. Nothing scary but they seem to be a big power in the Dr. Who universe. And with that one line hits my brain hard "You would make a good Dalek."

My Doctor.

And I have to ask, would you make a good Dalek? I think I might and I can't help but feel that is a bad thing. The Dalek seem to be as terrible race of creature who wants nothing more than to kill and conquer everything. Admittedly I don't want to kill and conquer everything...anymore. I was a weird kid trust me its better left unmentioned.

They look like Roach motels, suited to Exterminate!
That quote I mentioned earlier really needs a bit of context. The doctor is face to face, so to speak, with the "last" Dalek. A creature he thought dead. Filled with rage and hatred he orders the Dalek to kill itself. And with that my first thought is, I'm not filled with rage and hate at least not all the time. From the little bit of research I've done on the Daleks They have only 2 emotions, hate and fear the latter of which is harder to find in the Daleks, not counting the 9th doctor who could do it with ease.

He can be rather creepy.
You could always call them basically the same emotion hate and fear because we as a race hate what we fear/don't understand. But like the title says would you make a good Dalek?

The only reason I could even think I could is because I tend to fly off the handle pretty easy. Earlier today I was walking and someone slowed down and yelled something at me. I wear headphone nearly constantly and therefore I couldn't hear her but my first thought was I hope she doesn't come back and repeat it. Because the second I saw the girl yell something at me my first thoughts were “How could I make this person want to die?” I instantly started thinking of ways I could insult this person so they would either start cutting themselves or at least never want to talk to someone randomly again. I understand this probably makes me a terrible person but sadly it is exactly the kind of person I am. I think of ways to make people hate me. I don't even know why I do it. But the second I meet someone I think instantly of the way they could insult me and the perfect way I could hit them back.

 I can be a complete and utter prick sometimes. I remember once I was in a game shop and someone said something to me that I took offense to. Because when you say no offense, fuck you. But he didn't say “No offense” so it doesn't really matter. But when he insulted me I insulted him and I kept going hoping to hurt him mentally. And later when questioned about it I said I did it because isn't that what an insult is meant to do, hurt the recipient? At least that is how I always viewed it. I wouldn't insult Hitler if I didn't mean it.

The bear Jew?
So from that thought, I thought I might make a pretty good Dalek. But now I think I'd make a terrible Dalek. The Dalek can only really feel fear and hate, while I fluxuate through most emotions pretty randomly. And by that I mean I'm happy most of the time until I come across something like a door that won't open in which case I will fly directly off the hook and threaten to and I quote "slit its fucking throat and rape its sister" and keep in mind only to the door knob.

Fuck you I refuse!
So I can only think maybe I need a bit of help dealing with strangers and I should drink more frozen drinks because I tend to be calmer when I do. So I'm going to go and get one now. I'd be a pretty bad Dalek, I guess.

Fuck diabetes, I won't die so easy.

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