Saturday, March 26, 2011

Undeaducation Mincraft: The Search for Coal 1

So I thought more recently I'd give Minecraft a try and now I'm addicted. I need to get paid so I can buy my copy officially, I'm borrowing a friend’s name and playing it but I need to get my own screename and look since being Thor isn't my thought of fun. But Minecraft is crazy fun and since I was playing it I thought why now record it, so I did.

I will apologize right now for them attitude and the footage. I was tired while playing it and it seems every time I play I can't find coal for hours and past that the footage might be little buggy I was recording with Camtasia, I got FRAPS more recently and that should change the outlook. So till then this is my first go through on a new world.

I hope you enjoy. I'll do better next record.

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