Sunday, March 6, 2011

Survival of the Dead Review/Rant (Thing)

*Note: I really wish I could be clearer but damn it if I am just so disappointed that it’s hard for me to even come up with the words to describe this movie. So much crap.*

This movie is spoiled! Spoilers.

After months of procrastination I have finally come into possession of "Survival of the Dead" And I must say it is the most non-Romero film I have ever seen.

Fuck up of the Dead

I have heard many opinions that "Diary of the Dead" is in fact the worst in the "Dead Series" I am of the opposing opinion. By no means is it the greatest, which in my own opinion goes to "Dawn of the Dead".
Mr. Romero claimed that "Survival of the Dead" was a western and I have to disagree with him. It is not a western it is a retelling of "The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s" renamed to be O’Flynns and Muldoons. Cowboy hats do not a western make.

Gimme Ya'lls brains!

4 National Guard members go AWOL in an attempt to try not to just survive the outbreak but live. They "Escape" to Plum Island with the hopes of a peaceful life only to find themselves right in the middle of 2 feuding families. The two families have different opinions on how to deal with the living dead. The Guard is forced to choose sides to try and survive for another day.

I have to say after a little bit of watching this movie I am seeing a serious lack of motives. The motives of both clans are made very well known at the beginning. Yet half way through we see that the Muldoons have lost sight of their original goal. Shooting all those who don't immediately show signs of their past life, as the Romero films have shown that the zombies do in fact keep a little bit of their formers selves as shown by "Big Daddy" in "Land of the Dead".

Misses his diving suit.

The characters are all shown to be horribly unlikable. All 4 of the guard members have barley any personality Sarge being the only one to show any bit of character growth and even that was weak and obvious. None of the Muldoons of the O’Flynns learn anything or change for the better or worse, except by dying. We see that a character from the beginning of the movie has turned to a zombie and absolutely nothing is mentioned as to why or how. No she's dead...oh and she is O’Flynns daughter. Well off to kill the Muldoons.

A twist that comes later is the fact that there is another sister, not just any sister a twin sister to Jane O’Flynns. Janet O’Flynn. Nothing is told about her, we never see her alive and she is riding a horse the entire time to make it look like she is Jane, who was seen riding the exact same horse earlier. The worst part of this is it comes absolutely out of nowhere, means basically nothing and only really is there to have the ending set up.

Fuck Deus Ex Sister!

Not only are the characters boring and stupid, but absolutely all the former movies are called into question by having the zombies randomly attack animals for food. When the previous films made it clear that the zombies have absolutely no taste for anything other than human.

Zombies don't like Chips.

Quite possible the worst part is when Jane O’Flynn looks at her zombie sister who is staring at her and for absolutely no reason, Jane insists that she remembers her. This leads to the obvious, Jane getting bit. Terrible characters, terribly boring story that makes no sense and the attempted destruction of the former movies.
I have to say this might be the worst of the Dead series. It tries to break the entire mythos set up by all other previous movies. The Only saving grace I can give this movie is the absolute ending. All things leading up to it were pointless but the very end speech and visual is all I can say was good for this one. I love the thought of continuing the Dead series but I have to ask please Mr. Romero, no more. The original trilogy is a masterpiece. Everyone past that is just a step downward until we are already in the grave. I don't want to say it but I think you may have lost touch with the creation, and now it is running amok.

I'm very sad to say that Survival of the Dead is not worth watching. In fact as a zombie fan, don't watch it lest you die a little inside. I feel that this film is a big middle finger to the fans. And I’m sorry I have to say that.

She doesn't know you, she wants to eat you! Stupid fucks.

I feel like this, rammed up the ass of the fans.

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