Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's Call it a Journal 2-3/3/2011

Not having a job or a life can really suck some times. All I really have to do with, my life is watch TV (Internet TV) and look at porn. Of course the latter is always more fun but still it can become boring. The first year after high school I got tired of sleeping and ever since have been trying to find a job. I was then to but I was much more relaxed about it. I've been tirelessly search now for about another year since my last 1. I worked for a pizza chain let's call it "Mittle Smeasars" and they let me go because they fired just about fucking everyone, yet they are still in business. And now the time has come I've fixed my sights on another job at a bakery/thrift store and I'm going in tomorrow for interviews and applications. Til then I'm preoccupying my time with a shoujo series called "Please Teacher!" which of course makes me miss having a girlfriend.

Pretty girls can be creepy to.
But then of course my love life is terrible. My first girlfriend would punch me in the face, and not just a silly "aww punch" but a serious punch in the face for no reason.

Like that but she came in from the cheek.
All I want in life is a sweet girlfriend who isn't afraid of sex...yes this sounds terrible but all the girls I know hate sex and that is sad. I'm not going to lie and say sex isn't important, I'm a realist and of course it is, but at the same time I want a girl who is strong enough to fight with me against the zombie I said a realist.

She will rape you!
Is it so wrong to want a strong woman to stand by your side? Is it so hard to find a "Strong" woman who doesn't look like a lumberjack? I just want a willfully strong girl, who can be really hot or at least a 5...Shut up I know I am a bad person.

Is that a T-Mobile shirt?
Maybe I'll just have to wait for a zombie could be worse I guess.

Yes she's a zombie.
Who knows I could get lucky.

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