Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sanka-READ IT! A manga Recommendation

It might not seem it but I do happen to have other interests than just talking about zombies. I also like to read manga. And one of my favorite mangas is Sankarea. Sankarea is the story of a boy who falls for a girl who then falls to her death. The End see you next blog! But obviously there is a story past that the boy uses a formula to bring her back...ok the actual story goes nothing like that but at the very least it is kind of the idea behind it, just rearrange the order and get rid of the boy bringing her back on purpose. The actual plot goes a little like this...


Sankarea Plot: Sankarea is about a zombie-obsessed boy, Chihiro Furuya, who discovers how to resurrect the dead and as a result acquires a zombie girlfriend when the 15 year old girl he likes, Rea Sanka, dies in an accident but is brought back to life thanks to having earlier drunk a potion he had developed using information he got from an old manuscript. Ironically Rea had actually drunk the potion as a suicide attempt, as one of its ingredients was the poisonous plant Hydrangea (also known as Hortensia). She had come to despise her overbearing and abusive father and when he withdrew her from school so as to completely control her life, she decided to end it all. Unfortunately, her death does not free her from his continued interference in her life! (Note this summary is taken directly from anime wiki: Sankarea)

So if you can't see why I love this story already then you don't get this blog at all. It has absolutely everything a good story needs.

Good stories need:
  • Good character
  • Interesting story
  • Teenage suicide (or at least a good attempt)
  • Zombies
  • Implied necrophilia (if not obvious necrophilia, am I right?)
  • People with cat ears...don't judge me

But in reality this is one of the better manga series even if it is a bit shoujo-ish, but its shounen. It seems to e a must read for any real zombie fan, even if it isn't a fleshing eating zombie story...yet.

I hope to take a more in depth look at this series later when I have more time, but for now I can only try to tell you people about something really enjoyable. So if I can say you should check out Sankarea it is a really enjoy able series.
Sankarea Manga: Sankarea on Mangafox

However be warned that this series also includes:
  • Strange bondage foreigners
  • Implied incest (as well as really implied incest)
  • Disturbing staring lolitas (no sexual situations...let's hope it stays that way [ignore the banner pages])
  • Possibility of this series turning into a harem manga
For actual manga reviews check out YRulerofTime

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