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The Savior Guide #2: Finishing the Transmission(TA new line up and old)

Welcome back to The Savior Guide, this time great news! The first part of the Savior guide was awarded "The Awesome Blog of the Week" from Transmission Awesome, but from there we also learned that we were losing 2 of the co-hosts. Joe “AngryJoe” Vargas and Sean "HopeWithinChaos" Fausz are sadly no longer co-host to the greatest podcast on the Internet. AngryJoe is evidentially too busy with “Blistered Thumbs” and Sean is having health problems so he is no long on the podcast either. I think you all join me in wishing him the best. No matter what is said in these I hold deep respect for everyone I talk about.

Finishing the Transmission
New/Old Co-Hosts
(PawDugan does not count as old)
So with that out of the way I now bring you The Savior Guide part 2, which I will now go over the 2 new hosts and a few older hosts as well. So let's jump right in with the shining star or the (good) smelly flower of the revamped TA PushingUpRoses!

Name: Sarah " PushingUpRoses " Wilson

Gender: Female (look at her tits, with respect)

Body type: Fit, thin, small

Age (approximate): 21-26 (Ladies never tell)

Skills: writing, artist, entertaining, charming, programming

Bio: PushingUpRoses is an LPer, video producer, writer, and artist. She launched her website,, in the summer of 2009. She started advertising her website on “The Spoony Experiment” forums in hopes of getting more exposure, and later, like many other contributors, starting posting her videos on “YouTube”. Over the year, her work was noticed by the fans of the Spoony Experiment, and several TGWTG contributors, leading up to her gradual promotion to the site.

Show/site: Vinyl Destination,

(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: Ability to breed (I knew we'd come to a point where a female would be on the list and I do have to say in a zombie outbreak scenario the ability to further the species is a necessity, but rape ain't cool, even in the end of the world she might not be into you.), her ability as an artist could prove invaluable to survival as well as a means of continued mental wellness, she can be used as bait for marauders, can fit into places other people can't.

Cons: Inability to keep “Paw” from going on a mad gun induced kill frenzy, possibly too nice (inability to kill those close to her, it might be necessary), small easily subdued.
Yeah, there wasn't much I can honestly say about Roses, she is newer and I don't have a lot of info about her available, other than that one video where she shaves “Paw” goes about as well as you think it would. So I'll move on to my favorite of the new co-hosts. The man who chose this series as "The Awesome Blog of the Week" Y Ruler of Time, also he was just my favorite new member before I knew I was chosen. But Paw wins as my personal favorite...back to the blog.

Name: Nikolas "Y Ruler of Time" Freeman

Gender: Male

Body type: Tall, skinny, possibly muscular?

Age (approximate): 25-27

Skills: Reading, ninja skills (not Naruto style), editing skill, Ability to concentrate under stress (he could put up with like 2 parts of “Prince of Tennis”, he's nearly a god)

Bio: A series of events eventually inspired Y to begin a new series, in which he would discuss manga. The idea occurred to him while he was re-reading a portion of the "Prince of Tennis" manga that he particularly disliked. Compelled to rant about the subject, Y sought a method to begin a manga review series. He emulated some of the techniques exhibited by "Linkara", who covers the similar medium of comic books. On February 8, 2008, Y released the first episode of "Read Right to Left" in which he reviewed Prince of Tennis, and the video was shortly featured as an Awesome Blog of the Week on Transmission Awesome's first live episode. After the second episode was again featured as an Awesome Blog, Y was offered a trial run as a featured contributor on the site. His "Naruto" review appeared on the site's main section, and received a large amount of positive feedback, resulting in Y being picked up by the site.

Show/site: Read Right to Left, Read Right to Left Blog

(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: Tall, possible muscular so use physically, Great distraction, probably willing to kill people close to him (yet still trustable)

Cons: Needs glasses, voice can draw unneeded attention from zombies, possible berserker.

From here we move on to former co-hosts of Transmission Awesome, maybe they weren't good enough to handle that amount of awesome or maybe they couldn't stand the host talking about Lost constantly. By the way Chris How was lost this week? That’s right it's gone forever! Ha! But now we move on to a man who isn't just a man...He's a doctor.

Name: Billy "Dr. Gonzo" Smith

Gender: Male

Body type: A bit bigger than average

Age(approximate): 22-25

Skills: writing, podcasting

Bio: Dr. Gonzo took his name as a tribute to Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, and he will SLAM anyone who calls him a “Muppet”. He's flitted and floated in the Internet for a couple of years, first writing his articles on his personal blog (long since taken down) and spent a brief spell on SA, posting his blogs there. Frustrated with the lack of feedback he received, he removed his blogs and reposted one of his early articles on TGWTG, and when he witnessed the welcome he received, decided to make his permanent home there, and has been posting his articles there ever since.

On November 4, 2008, Dr. Gonzo was invited to become a featured writer on TGWTG, an offer he immediately accepted.

Show/site: Nerd To The Third, Dr. Gonzo's TGWTG Blog

(in a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: Good scout, possibly a Muppet therefore free of zombie infection

Cons: Betray you for a Dr. Pepper, possibly slower than other people, gonzo journalism throws absolutely everything out of wack and is possibly complete fiction, possibly a Muppet.

Alright from our esteemed doctor we head off to a much colder place to take a look at Coldguy.

Name: Patrick "Coldguy" Burden

Gender: Male

Body type: Fat

Age (approximate): 23-26

Skills: reading, podcasting, writing

Bio: Coldguy has been writing for numerous websites in the past and took a leave of absence during a hectic time in his schedule. During the summer he decided to pick up his writing and wanted to start in a fresh blog. RandomBrainParticles peaked and Coldguy was looking to find another audience. In May of 2008 Coldguy found and registered and started to blog on the site. He decided to make up for lost time he would write an article a day (sometimes two) making Coldguy the predominate force in the early days of blogging on the site.

Coldguy was nominated in the first Best of Blogs competition where he placed second behind LordVonQuack aka Rollo T. Due to the 2nd place entry Coldguy became a featured writer to the site, his older entries are still in the myblogs section with the first being a Random Review of the now defunct goodgametv.

Show/site: Spine Breakers, Foreign Delicacies, Its Coldguy's Blog, Coldguy's TGWTG Blog

(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: Great bait/distraction, if cannibalism is needed he could last, he has a pretty mean punch (TGWTG Brawl)

Cons: That damn giggle! (Coldguy has an outrageously high pitched laugh, it is very useful to hunting zombies), Might be too busy reading the "The Zombie Survival Guide" (that I suggested to him, wishing you had read it earlier, huh?)

So be careful if saving Coldguy he might be...a Burden. From here we move on to one of the founders of channel awesome and the creator of We are moving to "the admin".

Name: Mike "the admin" Michaud

Gender: Male

Body type: average, muscular

Age (approximate): 28-33

Skills: CEO, Management skills, programming, administration skill

Bio: Mike Michaud aka "admin" is the administrator of and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Channel Awesome. He also served as a co-host on the website's podcast, Transmission Awesome in Season 2. Mike also decides who the winners of the Best of Blogs are by going through the blogs section and seeing what the best blogs are much like Transmission Awesome's Awesome Blogs of the Week.

Michaud, a friend of Doug Walker aka ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, was the first to approach him with the idea to create a website in early April 2008, since YouTube had been causing Walker problems.

Since then, he has been an integral part of the site, serving as the website's admin. He is responsible for uploading videos to the site, and often posts updates on the status of the site. Michaud also scouts out new talent for the site and has notably recruited such contributors as Film Brain, The Dude in the Suede, Benzaie, and many more.


(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: with a good build Michaud can be used for physical purposes rather easily, he can rally troops, he has an eye for unusual talent, can think outside the box

Cons: might go power hungry, a lot of random bitching.

So Mr. Michaud could prove to be a very valuable asset for any survival group. So i say say him! How else will we restart the Internet without him? Alright time to check the scores...

Sarah "PushingUpRoses" Wilson
Her charm might be hiding the lurking beast ready to kill if she loses Paw, also if she can't control him she probably can't control anyone, but the girl thing bumps her score up a lot. Treat her nicely she's a lady.

Nikolas "Y Ruler of Time" Freeman
His voice is great for a lot of things like guard duty but don't talk to him about “Prince of Tennis” or else every zombie within a hundred miles will be digging their teeth in your ass.

Billy "Dr. Gonzo" Smith
Only 2 things keep him from a 5 score. The possibility that he will betray the group for soda, and the yet unproven fact that he is in fact a Muppet.

Patrick "Coldguy" Burden
He would make good bait but he would probably be too busy reading the guide too late to save you.

Mike "the admin" Michaud
I'm not sucking the site by the way.

All information on these Producers/Michaud was taken directly from the "Channel Awesome wikia" Also a small note to the editors of said wikia. In the Michaud section there is a misspelling of Transmission (Tranmission, first paragraph last sentence) as of 2/17/2011.

Check out the Channel Awesome affiliates.

More to come!

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