Friday, February 4, 2011

Savior Guide 1: Transmission Awesome

This is the brand new revamped savior guide. The savior guide is an idea I thought of where I will go through a few of the personalities I think should be saved for the rebuild of humanity after zombies annihilate the population. These are a few of the people you need to save. But don't worry I'm not talking about princes or Kings that where just handed their title I'm talking about geeks, nerds, actor and anyone else I view to be awesome and since I just said awesome I say we start with Transmission Awesome the group from Channel Awesome.

Our first up is the original and main host of Transmission Awesome, Chris Larios.

Name: Chris Larios a.k.a. RolloT

Body type: Fat

Age (approximate): 23-26

Skills: Journalism, articulate-ish, intelligent to a point, computer skills

Bio: Chris "RolloT" Larios started his internet career on TGWTG site as LordVonQuack, after dropping this name for the moniker of RolloT he started Transmission Awesome joined by Sean "The EpicFail Guy" Fausz. From there his internet fame started to grow. He is now Channel Awesome's roving reporter always on the track of a good scoop. As his reporter ego he is capable of making people say meme with great ease. As well as his online persona Chris is also a marginally successful comedian.

Show: Transmission Awesome

(in a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: Great bait, unassuming (great for convincing people to listen to you), willing to kill babies, comedian

Cons: He might eat the food, slow pace, needs glasses

From here we move on to our immovable object of Channel Awesome Sean "The EpicFail Guy" Fausz

Name: Sean Fausz a.k.a. The EpicFail Guy a.k.a. HopeWithinChaos

Body type: obese (no offense meant)

Age (approximate): 23-26

Skills: Computer skills, intimidation, entertaining, hilarious when mixed with RolloT

Bio: Starting in the early life of Sean started the very popular series Epic Fail, he was also a part of the original crew of Transmission Awesome. Since creating the Epic Fail list and helping host Transmission Awesome Sean has since made many other popular series on TGWTG, including reviewing games for Blistered Thumbs. Sean suffered from a heart attack at a young age and has since been to a doctor on regular occasions.

Show: Epic Fail

(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: bait, helping block off entrances

Cons: weight, he may eat the food, slow pace, constant health fluxuations

From our main hosts we move to our more recently added co hosts Paw Dugan and AngryJoe, we'll start with Paw.

Name: Paw a.k.a. Paw Dugan a.k.a. Paul Schuler

Body type: Skinny, lanky

Age (approximate): 30-31

Skills: musically inclined, editing genius, funny, hilarious when mixed with AngryJoe

Bio: Paw started his career on the site with his outrageously popular music series " Full Circle " where Paw spoke about his musical influences throughout his life. He soon joined Transmission Awesome as a co host and resident musical expert and owner of the Paw's Button TM.

Show: Full Circle

(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: Fast, computer inclined, musical ability, good hearing

Cons: not incredible strong, old

From here we move on to The Latin spitfire AngryJoe.

Name: AngryJoe a.k.a. Joe a.k.a. Joe Vargas

Body type: muscular?

Age (approximate): 23-24

Skills: tactical skill, green screen mastery, gun skill, funny, hilarious when mixed with Paw Dugan

Bio: AngryJoe started his career reviewing video games for TGWTG after being discovered from his own website " " after being picked up by TGWTG Joe has been a major contributor to the site's success. Since then Joe has gone on to be one of the original members of the Blistered Thumbs website as well as well known internet personality.

Show: The AngryJoe Show

(In a zombie situations, unless they are relevant)
Pros: strong, fast, inspiring

Cons: Loud, possibility of thinking he is a super hero

So I will rate the people on the list on who should be saved and how much they can help you if you save them.

Chris "RolloT" Larios: 3/5
Save him but don't put him in charge of the food.

Sean "The EpicFail Guy" Fausz: 1/5
If you have a Mac truck, please save him he is funny but sadly not the most helpful in the current situation.

Paul "Paw Dugan" Schuler: 4/5
Save Paw! But don't put him on the night watch after 5 p.m.

Joe "AngryJoe" Vargas: 5/5
Save Joe he can help you, but don't put him in charge of entertainment or else he will choose Transformers 2 every night.

Check out the Channel Awesome affiliates.

More to come!

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