Sunday, February 13, 2011

Possible Podcast?

I was thinking about making a podcast. I was on one before it was a great time, the podcast itself never really went anywhere but damn it if I didn't make damn fine friends and have some damn fine conversations. So I was thinking try to make a podcast for the blog because currently I have nothing in terms of a social life...unless we count the net.

For any interested the “TeamZORM” podcast.

But my idea was make a zombie based podcast for the blog that gives me something to do. Now sadly I can't just be like daily recordings about anything zombie related because I would run out of a stuff to talk about for while and that would just be terrible. So my idea was may be a monthly audio podcast about the zombies and the blog. The idea is for zombies in media, upcoming things involving the undead and monthly updates on the blog for any new comers.

So I think I'm gonna try to work on this idea for a little and try o have the first beta of the podcast up by the end of the month. I was thinking a co host would be great to, I have a possible choice but I'd have to see if she was willing to help me. So here is to hoping we get a podcast running.

Have a Nice day, because tomorrow might not come.

Seriously tell me what you think. I want to know if a podcast would be cool or even if you would like to join me. If you want to be my co host either send a clip of yourself to my email or just find me on skype. I'm Zombifaction(Zombi)

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