Friday, February 25, 2011

My Kind of Magazine!

Alright other than being a zombie nut I'm also a guy so obviously I do have other thoughts on my mind than the undead...except in 2 small occurrences but that doesn't count and I'll talk about that some other time. Till then, one of the biggest things on my mind other than food and the undead is women. I have had a few girl friends in the past and I'd had my share of crazies including the one who punched me in the face on our first date. But not all women are bad. But sadly all men are pig. We fantasize about sex every 7 seconds or so and I don't think that ever stops. And I have a magazine that seems to agree with me.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you...

Girls and Corpses Magazine.

Yes indeed there is a magazine out there for everyone and I think I might have just found mine. Girls and corpses features articles and interviews with all sorts horror/comedy related pieces of news and information.

"We offer an alternative to fans of horror stalwarts Fangoria and Rue Morgue, by serving some guffaws with our gore." ~

And I will answer your question right now...Yes, they are real corpses.

There is no trick photography here. These are real girls and real corpses. And now you’re probably thinking
"1. I need to throw up.
2. How are these girls not dying from the diseases associated with rotting corpses?"

Well no that is not how they replenish corpses, by killing their models. That’s just sick...good business strategy though, never have to pay them.

The basic idea is that the corpses are cleaned and dried out so all safety precautions have been taken to insure the safety and health of the models. Also there is no threat of the corpses coming back for obvious reasons not to mention all the guts are gone and things like eyes have been replaced with false eyes, if needed.

As of this date I am not sure if this magazine is still in print the website is rather old it would seem but none the less it seems as though you are still able to purchase the back issues if you so choose to.

And I am very proud to say that from now on The Undeaducation Blog will feature a direct link to the Girls and Corpses site.

There is no need for you to worry...They'll be stiff for you.

Most Asked Questions:
Are your corpses real? Do you dig them up?

Does the future seem a little bleaker?

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