Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's call it a Journal

Alright just consider this what blogs were originally an online diary...let's call it a journal.

I'll do this every so often and sometimes I'll just make it a video. But I just logged on and my homepage loves to give me little pictures that are related to a story. And then I saw this one...

The intro text says "Tyson Finds Peace in Unusual Source"

And my first thought was strangling pigeons? I mean yeah I've heard he can be a bit of a psycho but shouldn’t someone stop him?

Alright past that I have learned from a friend of a friend that if you mix Mountain Dew and Blue Berry Icees you get a delicious green mix.

More recently while I was at my local Books-A-Million, one of the only book stores in my city, which bothers me. I saw a book and my first thought was...let's say less than kind.

And my first thought was "How did you write the book?" which is a serious question but of course I could be wrong maybe on the cover it says dictated not written. And I understand I am probably a terrible person but I view it as an equal opportunity thought process. I don't discriminate against people. If this guy walked...hopped....let's say rolled on to an elevator I was in, I wouldn't stand there and think wow that’s weird. I'd take his wallet and knock him over just to see what he would do. Ok, maybe not but still...I'm curious.

Does it make me a bad person for thinking things like this? I saw a man taking donations for a wheelchair rugby team called “Sudden Impact” and I thought “Wow, that’s slightly ironic.” No one else seems to get that either. You know a force of sudden impact can cause paraplegia.

If that doesn’t seal your opinion f me I’m happy but then again I need to also say that I learned something more recently. And by learned I mean realized it. That joke we all heard as children “What black and white and read all over?” a newspaper and that should be obvious. Especially in print but I never understood it. I always thought “Black, white and red all over” and then it hit me! Read in its past tense is pronounced red. Fuck me I’m dumb sometimes. So please don’t judge me on the newspaper joke judge me on just about anything else.

So past that I guess I've got nothing better going on in my life. So I'm gonna go get a drink.

Till next time.

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