Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Feel Awesome!

This is astounding or should I say fantastic? No...Awesome!

No other word can describe this feeling I am having. The blog was mentioned on TA (episodes), Transmission Awesome.

For all who don't know Transmission Awesome is the greatest podcast on the internet...This is fact! There was a blog posted recently here called The Savior Guide 1 (Awesome Blog) which part 2 is in the works. But it was featured on TA in "The Awesome Blog of the Week" segment and not only was it featured as an awesome blog it was "The Awesome Blog of the Week" the highest honor TA can bestow on people and I am so very proud of it! I finally get some kind of notice and it is my favorite podcast of all time.

I feel like I've been molested by God, because being molested by God is a good thing, right?

Well I love this so much! It's an honor!

Really the best part is Y Ruler of Time said my name right!

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