Sunday, February 27, 2011

Artist, I need one...Life, that'd be good to.

You know in high school I wrote a children’s book.

I did.

It was about a boy and a zombie. I had high hopes to make a book and try to get it published. But sadly I am a terrible artist. Seriously my talent ends at doodles and it hardly makes it to that.

But while going through the "TGWTG Forum", I found a little "Artist for Hire" section. The section is really for title cards but I found an artist whom I have messaged and hopefully will be doing my title card. She has a very good style that is both cartoony yet has actual emotional depth to it as well. So hopefully I will get an artist for my title cards and if that works out well maybe an artist for my children’s book.

And if so, then maybe I can finally make some scratch.

Alright so back to boring life deprived of both job and girlfriend...lucky guy.

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