Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who is ToddInTheShadows?

Who is Todd in the Shadows?

That is a question we must all ask ourselves, just who is Todd and what does he look like? As far as we are aware the facts are Todd is:

• A male

• Possible white

• Musically inclined

• the holder of the title of longest running Grim Reaper costume.

From there things we can clearly see that Todd must be.

It’s true just look at the fact, as far as we know Todd could in fact be a female (NOTE: This does not mean Miley Cyrus is a girl) He constantly reviews Disney paraphernalia i.e. Hannah Montana! Giving himself publicity all the while hiding his true, true identity from not only the general public but the TGWTG staff. See Todd you almost got away with it but a few of us are too clever for your trickery. Including the time you said you could be Hannah trying to throw us off track. If "Case Closed" has taught me anything it’s that the suspect will try to throw suspicion off themselves by assaulting themselves. So nice try “Todd” but we are on to you!

Your mask will fall! I swear it!

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