Thursday, January 20, 2011

Undeaducation Episode 1

This is the first and to date only episode of Undeaducation. A series I was and am still trying to do.


Undeaducation was meant to be a zombie education series. Hosted by basically myself, if not a more twisted version. The series was meant to help make people aware of the common dangers of zombies as well as easy ways to keep yourself alive. It was meant to be a comedy series and the few who have seen this did give positive feedback. So I hope you enjoy the series.

The opening theme for Undeaducation is called: The Undeaducation Theme was written and performed by LimitDrive. You can find their work here: LimitDrive

Please support them!

Until I can get my own living space sadly this series is on hiatus. Please visit my Blog at: Undeaducation Blog for more updates on everything zombie/Zombifaction.

Have a great day!

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