Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Things for the Blog!

Just the other day I activated Ad sense on this here blog! But Google specifically told me I can’t tell you to click them so I will adhere to these rules and tell you that you shouldn’t click these links. For your own benefit I will point them out as they appear. Like the one right over here on the right hand side.

I will repeat myself just so Google can hear me. Don’t click this link, unless you want to use them for information purposes and what not, then by all mean feel free. But I will not give you anything except my love but that is non-refundable and also worthless in monetary standards.


This is really just my way of letting my all of one fans know that I am now trying to make money. I say all of 1 but that doesn’t diminish the love for you guys…Pave your awesome!

Now I can’t remember all of the rules for this ad sense thing but a few of the big ones are:

1. I can’t tell you to click the links!

2. I can’t click the links.

3. I can’t offer you a cut of any profit from the links.

Past that I’m not quite sure of the rest of the rules just don’t fuck with Google and don’t put porn on my blog, which kind of makes me sad. I would love to distribute porn but I really I wish I could. Well I guess that will be a side project for a different blog.

So apart from announcing the fact I’m poor, I did want to update because I felt like it. I really would love to do this kind of thing just for a job, it is always much more fun than actually being on a paper. Way too many rules and necessary things to add with mention of people, films and locations. I would love to review movies but most cinema now a day’s blows. With a few exceptions…Green Hornet, Go see it now!

I will give these things a try eventually but as for now my recordings will not turn out well because our damn heater is loud, my living in the basement isn’t helpful either. But I am working on a few more Case Studies and scripts for things so hopefully those will turn out well. The reason I do Case Studies is the love of zombies and the fact that…


So till then I hope you enjoy the blogs and please have a good day!

Seriously don't click them, unless you want to.

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