Friday, January 21, 2011

A Lesson Was Learned

I seem to have sold my proverbial soul by joining Facebook. I held off for so long on joining the social network for a very small reason, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to join for reasons like my mother is on Facebook. Why would I want to join that? She would watch my profile and act oddly to weird things I say. I’ve asked questions to Twitter like “How long would peanut butter hold a dismembered limb?” and she might take that as an odd thing and start to worry and that is just annoying.

But there are other reasons I never wanted to. I used to never want to join twitter, but now I’m there to and I post around 5 times a day. It’s more the fact that life begins to meld with the cyber life and that is a bit of info I don’t like having. Admittedly I’m a lazy bastard, but I don’t want my life to consist o nothing but the internet. So I guess I leave it down to will power that I won’t.

But then again there are more self center motivations for me to get both of them. I would love to not have a job and have money. To do that I guess I have to find something to do that is fun and get paid to do it. So I made a twitter to inform friends and any fans I could possibly get and the face book is for 2 separate reasons. One is to listen to a good friend’s radio program in Australia and make request. And just for the fun of it here is a link. My friend AussieRoth’s radio program can be heard on Thursday Nights/Friday Mornings at 1 in the morning, it can be found here David J.G. Doyle (keep in mind this is American time so I can’t tell you everywhere) so I guess not all the reasons are self centered.

Also since its creation I have learned that fame can be overrated, and I didn’t even get any. Just have fun on the internet, it’s the you everywhere you can’t be.

Also I’m going to attempt to film episode 2 of Undeaducation again, because it could be fun.

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