Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Friend With Talent?

It’s actually hard for me to really believe that I have some friends with such talent. Working to be a voice actor I have met and befriended quite a few interesting and talented people. And not all of them happen to be voice actors, I know quite a few artist with astounding talents. But the most intriguing happens to be a guy I went to school with. He wanted to be an architect for a while and then just a few weeks ago while during a get together with a few of my school chums I learned that he had switched career ambitions to a more artist sort. And this through me for a loop.

I thought he was completely talentless, no offense meant to him by that statement but it’s true. He never showed off a lot of talent during school so when I saw what he made I was astounded beyond words. Now don’t get me wrong was skeptical about the art in itself but then I learned something even more astounding. With a pencil he is shit as an artist but you give him an Xbox 360 Controller and a program that allows for customization and he is Pablo Freakin Picasso!

If you ever see him anywhere be sure to let him know the work he does incredible. Because I have been holding off on saying his name. The guy I’m talking about is named Sean Conrad . Now you have to be asking what program does he use to make this magnificent art? And trust me when I say this, he uses… Forza Motorsport 3.

A car game? That’s right a car game! I have seen designs that astound me by the pure thought he must have put into making these designs. And I’m not just talking about original pieces, no in fact with the design of some of these cars he needs to be getting sponsors for these cars.

Now You have to hate me by now for not showing you any of these supposed designs well I have in store for you a few of my personal favorites as well as a link to a few(over a 100 pictures) examples of his work.
Keep in mind these where done with and Xbox 360 controller and a racing game. So I say we get him …Adobe Photoshop and a usb controller for use with it. And he will take the art world by storm!

Check out the Gallery and he does take requests.

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